Catastrophic Accident Attorney in Albuquerque, NM

Personal injury law encompasses claims stemming from many different types of accidents and injuries. Each case requires different resources and legal strategies depending on what happened and who was at fault.

More than two million people are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year in the United States. Crashes can involve two vehicles, multiple vehicles, or even just a single vehicle. Rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, and rollovers are only some types of accidents that can cause serious injuries.

Many causes of car accidents can lead to liability and the losses of victims, including drunk driving, distracted driving, violating traffic laws, aggressive driving, and more.

About 480,000 commercial vehicles including semi-trucks, box trucks, buses, and more were involved in traffic crashes in one year, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These vehicles are substantially larger than passenger cars.

Trucks can weigh as much as 89,000 pounds. This means that commercial trucks can often cause extensive damage. Claims stemming from 18-wheeler accidents can often prove complicated, so seek help from a lawyer who knows how to handle them.

While riding a motorcycle can be economical and fun, it can also put you at risk of severe injuries if you crash. Among other things, negligent drivers, defective motorcycle parts, or dangerous road hazards can cause motorcycle accidents.

Because motorcyclists are so vulnerable in collisions, they often sustain life-changing injuries after an accident, and should always seek immediate medical attention and then legal assistance.

Riding a bicycle is good for the environment, your health, and your wallet. Whether you ride as part of a commute or for recreation, always know the risks of bicycle accidents. Not all motorists know how to share the road with bicyclists as the law requires.

Distracted drivers, impatient drivers, drunk drivers, and more can all violate the rules of the road and crash into bicyclists. In addition, many roads do not have adequate bike lanes or are not properly maintained, which can cause a cyclist to crash and get injured.

Everyone walks near traffic at some point, usually daily. Even if you are walking in a parking lot, you are at risk of a pedestrian accident. Pedestrians have no protection from cars, not even a helmet like most cyclists do, so accidents can cause devastating injuries to multiple body parts and often require extensive treatments and an extended recovery period following collisions.

Some accidental injuries have nothing to do with traffic accidents. Instead, they result from accidents that happen in stores, businesses, or on another party’s private property. Property owners and businesses must keep their areas in safe conditions, which includes removing possible hazards or warning visitors and customers of hazards so they can avoid injuries.

Falls down stairs, slips and falls, toxic exposure, dog bites, swimming pool accidents, and escalator/elevator accidents are all accidents that can lead to premises liability claims.

Construction is a dangerous industry. While all construction workers should know the risks of their profession, they still have legal rights when it comes to injuries on construction sites. Those rights depend on the type of accident and who may be responsible. Common construction worker accidents include falls, electrocutions, power tool accidents, large machinery accidents, and getting hit by objects.

In some cases, worker’s compensation should cover construction workers for injuries, in other situations, however, another, individual or party may face liability for injuries caused, and the accident victim may seek compensation by filing a personal injury claim.